Zombies of Kaladon

Zombies have invaded the streets of Prestacae in the southern reaches of the Fae Nation of Tyllost. What has caused the dead to rise and walk the streets of this remote town, which grew out of a lone trading post built to trade with merchants travelling along the Stone Road running from Antwan in Clidair to Moray in Rathag Mhoir. Does it hark back to the devastation of the region by the diabolical forces of the Imperium of Rathag Mhoir which had slaughtered the local elven population and destroyed their barrow-trees? Or is it down to a group of necromatic Saulites seen passing through, ostensibly on a ‘diplomatic’ mission?

A small band of adventurers are thrown together by the simple need to survive, can they uncover the cause of the shambling dead?


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