The Twelve Nations

The Twelve Nations of Kaladon

Devra Marhain
Rathag Mhoir
The Dragon Isles

The Twelve Nations of Kaladon are the twelve currently recognised nations that make up the continent of Kaladon. The map of Kaladon shows the borders of the areas as they are most commonly recognised by natives of Kaladon, though there are always areas of dispute. Some borders are fairly clear cut – such as the River Gair running between Tyllost and Rathag Mhoir and between Clidair and Abarael. Others are more indistinct, particularly the mountainous borders such as that between Lothiya and Wulfhere, or between Devra Marhain and Tyllost or Rathag Mhoir.

While the map shows the borders of the nations so as to cover the full extent of the continent of Kaladon, in actuality the extent of governance over each nation varies across those regions. Within all of the nations there are wilder lands where civilisation and the rule of law doesn’t quite reach. These areas are rarer in Lothiya and Clidair than in Saulendor and Wulfhere, but they can still be found. As such the maps of Kaladon should be considered more of a guidance on which nations are most likely to be interested in what is going on in a given region, rather than necessarily that the nation actively monitors all activities in an area.

The Twelve Nations

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