Shon ap Shenkin

Half-elven Ranger returned from glory in the court of the Autumn King




Shon ap Shenkin, he lived in a little village a few miles from Prestacae. He was got lost while gathering wood as a 6yr old child, spent 21 years in the Feywild and returned to Tyllost 6 years later. So he feels about 27, but is only 12 in Kaladon years.

“I’ve been back since just before the last winter, I stayed with my family through winter, but it is impossible. They don’t understand me, and they are so crass and uncultured compared to the beauty of the court of the Autumn King.

I’m in town today because I’ve decided that a life of gathering wood and feeding pigs is too painful to live. If I live a life of adventure I may just regain the favour of the Autumn Court, so I’m heading out looking for opportunity and adventure."

Shon ap Shenkin

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