Mythran wanderer looking for a new life


I am as free as the birds and wild animals that keep me company on my journey. I cut ties with my family a year ago, on the eve of my 20th year, but the family bond was severed long before that – if it ever existed.

Paradoxically, I am peaceful by nature, seeking peace and calm, but as a warrior by blood I cannot help but hear the battle cry – seek out challenge – wherever I wander.

This desire to prove myself led me to the path of self-imposed exile. A lookout by training, I grew bored of watching out for cargo to arrive when my family smuggled it in to wherever I deemed a safe hideout. I knew the best locations, I’d watched my family’s every move, but becoming their competitor in trade was too much for them to take.

Prideful, wishful, foolish and stubborn they called me… Words hurt, but they are my family and I have no wish to hurt them in return, so I go elsewhere to fight new foes. I have my wits and my skills: an accomplished rope-maker, I practised on the treasured braid that I have grown since my maidenhood. It is my comfort and a weapon that takes my enemies by surprise.

I roam ever onwards, preferring wilderness, but in town to seek out food, companionship, and a market for my skills.

Character Sheet Summary

Org Stats: 15, 16, 15 ,9 ,10 ,11



Some thoughts on a viking queen…
- there are no truly viking nations in Kaladon… the closest match for humans is Mythran which is more saxon than Viking, but certainly the closest feel within the human nations. Alternatively if you want the viking raider aspect then the dragonborn are the best fit… but it means losing the braid.
- The dragonborn of the Dragon Isles just off the north east coast of Kaladon raid the coasts of Rathag Mhoir, Devra Marhain and Saulendor… primarily as their own islands have very little in the way of metal deposits. As a whole they are xenophobic and think a great deal of themselves, having ruled the entire continent centuries ago (before the Scale Plague. So they are very viking in terms of raiders with the looting and pillaging, though less so in looks obviously. However dragonborn are not well accepted on the mainland – primarily because they are raiders. Imagine a solitary viking walking around Saxon England… not likely to get the best reception.
- if instead you prefer the human option Mythran is the place to go. They are very much the Saxon, personal independence, nation, with the beards and braided hair. Currently ruled by a king, but you can certainly be someone that has ‘high caste’ blood, and call yourself a queen (though it may get you in trouble back home…). However Mythran recently (two years ago) lost a war with Wulfhere – a nation of orcs and humans that is fairly savage in nature, and are currently in a period of recovery… a lot of antipathy to the orcs (which has always been the case) and resentment at the tribute that is now having to be paid. This may very well be a good reason that you are on the road and a long way from home.

- the black wizard of Corthor… sorry but there is no tyrant ruling over elves and dwarves everywhere… how can we fit this in…
-- if you go with human and Mythran then this black wizard could be an orcish wizard that was involved in the defeat/oppression of Mythran.
-- if you go dragonborn… the black wizard could also be a dragonborn, a wizard from the ‘other’ isles (north if you are south, or vice versus) as there are ongoing tribal wars between the two sets of islands.
-- alternatively the black wizard could be something else unrelated to the racial backstory… I will find a way to fit it in if these don’t match. Whichever way we go given current power level (L3) it should probably be something more personal rather than something on an international power level.

Independent of all of this you need to have a reason to be in Prestacae…. which is a small town that has grown out of a trading post on the Stone Road – that major road running east-west between the western nations of Clidair and Lothiya and Rathag Mhoir in the east. The trade route is a busy one so the town sees plenty of visitors, but the town itself is nothing of note… it is simply a place for merchants to stop en route. The simplest reason for you being here (given that you’re not elven / half-elven so not from here) is that you are travelling along the Stone Road… but why?

Beyond that – could you let me know class and when you’ve had the time to work up a character provide the details. Level 3 roll stats with 4d6-lowest.



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