Gnomish Trader & Druid seeking quality tea for the Queen of Siar


Afix wears fairly nice merchant garb often with a light druids robe over it, he has a shield on his back, small scimitar by his side and carries around part of an old oar, that somehow always seems to be in OK condition. He is often in a pleasant disposition and occasionally has a small animal around his feet or within the robe.

Character Stats Summary Sheet


Afix was born into a noble Gnomish family, however was adopted at a young age into the Queen of Siars court after a tragic boating incident at one of the courts functions involving his parents. As he grew he learned of the Queens partialness to teas and herbal beverage and Afix soon set to work to create various exotic beverages to please the Queens palette. He soon became known for his dedication to Alchemical pursuits. Aided by his pursuits of rare ingredients he developed the occasional stave or lotion for members of the Queens court and became greatly appreciated.

In additions to his work with the court Afix embraced his racial affinity with animals often keeping small pets for a time and then, usually, insisting they re-join their families. Some years ago he sought out a Druidic circle and was allowed to join. He is very much a novice in these areas and dreams one day to be able to communicate with the great mother. Knowledge of the circle helped him in his pursuits of rare ingredients for alchemical mixes for the court and it was a lead from the druids that has landed him in the town of Prestacae.


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